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RingCentral Rooms - Manage Rooms | Online Account

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SummaryRingCentral Rooms can be managed using the RingCentral Online account. It lets you access and manage the following menus — Rooms, Calendar Integration, and Digital Signage Content.

Manage Rooms - Online Account

RingCentral Rooms is the “Every Room” video conferencing solution. It is a next-generation cloud-based video conference room solution without the expensive proprietary hardware needed with traditional video conference room systems. It is easy to configure with off-the-shelf equipment and delivers HD video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities. 

IMPORTANT: The following needs to be done before Administrators can manage RingCentral Rooms:

• Purchase RingCentral Rooms Licenses
• Set Up the Hardware for RingCentral Rooms in your Conference Room 

Click on links below to learn more:

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Editing RingCentral Rooms 

Accessing RingCentral Rooms via the Online account

After a Rooms License has been purchased and the necessary equipment has been set up, Administrators can access RingCentral Rooms on the RingCentral Online Account. See How to Purchase RingCentral Rooms Licenses for more information.

1.  Log In to your RingCentral Account.

2. Go to Tools > Meetings.

Tools > Meetings

3. Click RingCentral Rooms.

RingCentral Rooms

The RingCentral Rooms menus will be displayed.

RingCentral Rooms Menus

• Rooms

This menu lets you view the list of all Devices and Rooms in the account. It also allows you to modify the Global Settings, add Locations and Rooms, upgrade all Devices, and export rooms.

• Calendar Integration

It allows you to add Calendar Services (Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange) that can be integrated with RingCentral Rooms. It also lets you authorize or deauthorize, sync, and delete calendars. See RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Manage via Online Account for more information.

• Digital Signage Content

This is a shared library with content available for all individuals in your organization with the digital signage role permission. You can manage individual room content assignments in the RingCentral Rooms settings. See RingCentral Rooms - Digital Signage for more information.

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Adding RingCentral Rooms

1. On the Rooms tab, click + Add Room.

NOTE: You will see additional tabs after Rooms if Multi-site is enabled on your RingCentral account. These tabs are Cities, States, Countries.

Add Room

2. Provide the necessary information, then click Finish, or click Save & Add Another to add another Room.

Add Room - Click Finish

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Editing RingCentral Rooms

1. Click the Rooms tab.

Click Rooms tab

2. Click Edit across a room to change its settings.

User-added image

You will then see the available Rooms Settings you can modify.

RingCentral Rooms Settings

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Deleting RingCentral Rooms

1. Select a room to delete, then click Delete.

Select room, then click Delete

2. Click Delete once again.

Confirm Delete

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