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RingCentral Room Connector Frequently Asked Questions

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SummaryFrequently Asked Questions

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1.  What is RingCentral Room Connector?

RingCentral Room Connector extends your existing H.323/SIP room system to a RingCentral Meeting. RingCentral Room Connector gives you the ability to connect and collaborate with other RingCentral Meetings participants joining from mobile, tablets, desktops, telephones, RingCentral Rooms, or other RingCentral Room Connector H.323/SIP room systems.

2.  Can I purchase RingCentral Room Connector as a stand-alone service?

No. RingCentral Room Connector is an add-on service  add-on service that requires a RingCentral Office subscription with RingCentral Meetings or an Essentials / Advanced tier RingCentral Meetings Account. 

See Getting started with RingCentral Room Connector to get started.

3.  What H.323/SIP system can Room Connector work with?

Room Connectors works with many traditional telepresence room system such as Polycom, LIfesize, Cisco,etc.  See RingCentral Room Connector Supported Devices.

4. What are the IP addresses, client and server ports and protocols for signaling and media for RingCentral Room Connector?

Signaling: TCP/UDP 5060,5061, TCP 1720,TCP/UDP 3000-4000,TCP/TLS 443, TCP/UDP 8801
Media: UDP 9000-10000

NOTE:  Make sure that the equipment for your RingCentral Room Connector is installed and working properly. RingCentral does NOT offer support for the hardware equipment.

5.  Do I need a certain number of RingCentral Room Connector Licenses for each RingCentral Meeting participant?

No. One (1) RingCentral Room Connector License is equivalent to one (1) conference room.  Even if multiple users join a RingCentral Meeting with RingCentral Room Connector, it will still be using One (1) RingCentral Room Connector License.  

6.  How can I purchase RingCentral Room Connector licenses?

RingCentral Room Connector licenses can be purchased directly from an online account.  See the instructions on how to purchase RingCentral Room Connector Licenses.

7.  Is there any limitation on how many RingCentral Room Connector license I can purchase?

No, there is no limitation.  However, you can only use one (1) RingCentral Room Connector license per one (1) conference room. 

8. How do I start or join RingCentral Room Connector to a RingCentral Meeting?

To start or join RingCentral Room Connector to a RingCentral Meeting, see Joining the RingCentral Room Connector to a RingCentral Meeting for instructions.
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