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SummaryFor new RingCentral Accounts, this article describes the full Admin Express Setup experience when using the Express Setup tool. Click on the links and follow the steps to learn the process.


Admin Express Setup

Account Administrators can now set up their account using the Express Setup. Once the account has been created, the Admins will receive an email that contains a link to the account activation page and the Express Setup.

NOTE:  The activation link will only be available for 48 Hours.

The Express Setup will assist Admins with setting up their Company Details and Phone System. Below are the steps involved:
4. Review



Activate your account and set up Account Security.

1. Click the activation link from your email.
welcome email
2. Enter the Mobile Number that will be used for authentication. You will receive a call and be given the Verification code to enter. Click Next.

3. Create a Password used to log in to your online account. Follow the Password Criteria when creating a password. Once done, click Continue.
4. Create a PIN used to check your voicemail messages via the phone. Follow the PIN Criteria when creating a PIN. Once done, click Continue.

5. Select a Security Question and enter your Answer. Once done, tick the check box to accept the conditions and then, click Continue.
Your account is now activated.  Continue with the steps below to set up your RingCentral System.

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Set up your RingCentral System

set up account

Set up your Users

Setting up this section allows you and your Users to do the following:
Assign an extension to each user
Allow Users to set up their own extension settings.
Select a User to be the operator
Allow Callers reach your Users by the dial-by-name directory
NOTE:  You may skip the steps any time.

1. Click Set Up Now.

2. Enter the necessary information for your Users. Click Next.

Set up your Company Greeting

Callers will hear a default company greeting when they dial your company number.  Click Keep Default to
keep the default greeting or record a customized one. NOTE:  You may skip the steps any time.

Click Customize. You can either Record Over the Phone or Import an audio file. After setting up your Company Greeting you will then proceed to set up your Operator Extension.

Set up your Operator Extension

When callers dial your company number and press 0, they will be routed to your assigned operator by default. You can click Keep Default to keep the default operator or change your operator. NOTE:  You may skip the steps any time.
1. Click Change Operator.

2. Select a User and then, click Save.

3. Click Got It.

NOTE: If the phone is not answered, the assigned user will receive all company voicemail messages. You have now changed your operator voice mail, proceed to set up your personal information.


Set up your Phone System

Set up My Info


1. Click the Pencil button on My Info to edit your information and fill in the necessary information under Regional Settings. Click Continue.
2. Fill in the necessary Details under Emergency Calling - Registered Location. Click Agree and Continue.

Set up Call Forwarding

NOTE:  You may skip the steps any time.

1. You can click on Just ring my primary phone to route all incoming calls to your phone or click Yes, add
to set up another phone to receive calls.

2. On the Add Phone Numbers window, click the drop down arrow to select the phone. You can also click the Add Additional Phones button to add other phones. Click the x button to delete. Click Next when done.

3. On the Call Handling window, select whether Simultaneously or Sequentially to set the order on how you
would like your services to answer incoming calls. Click Next when done.

NOTE: You can click on Just ring my primary phone to proceed on setting up Voicemail Greeting.

Set up Voicemail Greeting

Callers will hear a default company greeting when they dial your company number.  Click Keep Default to keep the default greeting or record a customized one. NOTE:  You may skip the steps any time.
Click Custom. You can either Record the Phone or Import an audio file. You will then be asked to review your details. Click Next.




You can still review the following details by clicking Change any time to modify your information. If you don't have changes or when done reviewing, scroll down and click Confirm Setup.

review information

Setup is finished. You have the option to download the mobile appsRingCentral App and RingCentral Desktop App. Click Finish to exit.
Click the Schedule Now button to schedule an implementation appointment.  An Implementation Advisor will train, explain, guide and assist you at no additional cost. You can also click the Go To My Account button to view additional settings, configuration options and access your full account to the RingCentral website
NOTE:  You can also click on the link provided to schedule an implementation appointment at the beginning of the setup.


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