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RingCentral App - Compliance Exports - Administrator

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SummaryCompliance Exports is a special RingCentral App feature, specifically built for companies and regulated industries, such as financial services, with compliance requirements for using electronic communication in the workplace. This feature is also a fail-safe way of preserving business communications for legal discovery or internal review.


RingCentral App - Compliance Exports - Administrator



• All RingCentral Office accounts
• RingCentral Meetings Essentials
• RingCentral Meetings Advanced
• Glip Standard accounts


Who can access Compliance Exports?

A Compliance Exports section will appear on the Administration page if the feature is included in your account. Only Account Administrators can access and enable Compliance Exports via the Administration page. When enabled, Administrators can grant access to other admins as well.

If you are an Administrator and require access to this page, please Contact RingCentral Support so we can verify your identity and grant you access.


How to enable Compliance Exports?

Administrators can click on their Profile Picture > Administration, and then scroll down to Compliance Exports. Toggle the button to enable the feature.

rc app - compliance export on

Administrators can then click Manage on Who can request and download exports to add other admins. Select from the list of admins, and then click Save.

rc app - compliance export add admin


How do Compliance Exports work?

Any Administrator with access can request an export at any time once Compliance Exports are turned ON.

Administrators can click Request on Request an export. Select the date range, and then click Submit.

rc app - compliance export request

Once your request has been completed you'll receive an email guiding you back to the Administration page where you'll be able to download it. You can also refer to the Compliance Exports section of that page at any time to check the status of your export requests. When available, click the Download button.

NOTE: Completed requests are available for download for 30 days.

rc app - compliance export download json


What happens with Compliance Exports?

All of your company's data can be exported into a set of files in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. This includes lists of all conversations (covering both People and Teams), as well as the actual content from those conversations.

NOTE:  Files and deleted messages are NOT included in the export. The exports do, however, include edit logs (except for Notes). Compliance Exports will only show deleted messages in them if Compliance Exports were enabled prior to when the message was deleted. If the feature is enabled after the messages are deleted, the deleted message will not be included in the export.


What do the exports look like?

Each export is delivered as a compressed .zip file. When you open this file you'll see that the top-level folder contains four sub-folders.

People_And_Groups - This folder contains a users.json file that lists all conversations with individual people. This includes both one-on-one conversations, as well as multi-person conversations.
Teams - This folder contains a teams.json file that lists all teams.
People_Chats - This folder contains a sub-folder for all conversations with individual people, and within each of those sub-folders is a json file corresponding to each date within the date range of the export.
Team_Chats - This folder contains a sub-folder for all teams, and within each of those sub-folders is a json file corresponding to each date within the date range of the export.

Only teams and multi-person people chats (i.e., three (3) or more people) that are "owned" by your company are included in the export. Your company owns a conversation when it is started by one of your co-workers. On the other hand, all one-on-one people chats (i.e., conversation between two (2) specific people) are included that include one of your co-workers, regardless of which company owns the conversation.

QUICK TIP: If you have difficulties in viewing the .json file, you can go to these sites to convert it to a .csv file.



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