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RingCentral UK: Using Reserved Numbers as a User Extension

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SummaryCan I use reserved numbers or short codes as user extension?

RingCentral currently reserves certain blocks of numbers to prevent accidental dialling of emergency services or other reserved services. These are numbers that will be actively restricted from customers to utilise. This is based on the home region of the account and common services. 

When you attempt to use a reserved number as an extension, you might get a message saying "Sorry this extension number is reserved for special functions – please try another extension number."
Adding a UserChanging the Extension Number of a User
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IMPORTANT: To avoid encountering the above error message in the future, avoid using a Short Code as an extension number, and use a different number combination instead. For the list of numbers to avoid, go to List of Common Short codes.

The following short codes are the most common short codes in use today by region to help customers in planning their extensions. These 3 or 4 digit codes are commonly used around the globe for special services such as police, ambulance and firefighters. These numbers cannot be used as an extension number since they serve a special purpose. A valid extension number would be 301, 321 and the like.
We recommend that 3 digit extensions not be used for all customers using RingCentral Global Office to reduce risk of accidentally calling an international emergency service when attempting extension to extension dialling from a given country. Instead RingCentral recommends that four or more digits be used such as the range of 1000 – 9999 to simplify calling concerns.

Here are the common short codes to avoid using as an extension number on your RingCentral account:

United Kingdom

100 - operator assistance for landlines
101 - for contacting local police forces
111 - for non-emergency calls to NHS health care line
112 - Emergency Telephone Number
123 - for Speaking Clock 
155 - for International Operator assistance
999 - Emergency Telephone Number
1471 - for Last-call recall
1571 - for Call Minder service / Answer 1571

Other reserved numbers: 141, 1470, 1471, 1475 


Cross EU - 11X (e.g. 110, 112, 119, etc.)
United Kingdom and Ireland - 99X (e.g. 999, 991, etc)

NOTE: 911 is typically supported for tourists

RingCentral Global Office (International Locations)

North America (United Stated and Canada)

211 - Community information & Referral services
311 - Non-emergency police & other governmental services
411 - Local directory assistance
511 - Traffic & transportation information
611 - Repair services
711 - Telecommunications Relay Service
811 - Business office & auto number feedback
911 - Emergency service


Mexico - 06X (e.g. 060, 061, 066, etc) 
Brazil - 19X (e.g. 191, 194, 193, etc) 
Argentina - 10X (e.g. 100, 101, 107, etc) 
Chile - 13X (e.g. 131, 132, 133, etc) 

NOTE: 112/911 - These are supported in many countries for tourist support

Asia Pacific

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong 99X (e.g. 999, 991, 995, etc)
India - 10X (e.g. 101, 102, 108, etc.) 
Philippines - 11X, 8888  (e.g. 117, etc) 

NOTE: 112/911 - These are supported in many countries for tourist support
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