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SummaryWhy is RingCentral UK replacing the dial-in numbers in the Meetings App?

RingCentral Meetings replaced the legacy UK dial-in number +44 (330) 606-0505 with +44 (203) 875-4507. The new number will provide a more stable and reliable audio experience during meetings.

NOTE: RingCentral US customers have a new Meetings dial-in number as well.

Changes in User Experience

The migration will have the following impact to RingCentral UK customers:

    1. Meeting ID Validation 

There is no automatic system validation at present. The system announces the meeting ID entered for users to validate. If a user entered an incorrect meeting ID, he will be redirected to a meeting that matches the meeting ID entered.

Once the migration occurs, the meeting ID will be automatically confirmed (no need to press "1"). An error prompt appears if the meeting ID is incorrect.

    2. Joining Before Host 

Currently, the phone participants can still join a meeting before the host even if Enable join before host (Meetings Desktop app) or Allow Join before host (Meetings Mobile app) is disabled.

As a security enhancement, no phone participants can join the meeting when this option is disabled after the migration.

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