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RingCentral Phone iOS - Incoming Call Failure

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SummaryWhy can't I answer an incoming call on the RingCentral Mobile App on my iPhone? When I pick up the call, it hangs up everytime I try to answer it.

Issue: Incoming call drops when a User tries to answer the call on the RingCentral Mobile App.

Cause: This happens when the User has the "Notify My Desktop App and Smartphone" set as "On" in the Call Handling and Forwarding rules and there's only a PSTN number or mobile phone number in the call forwarding rule.

In this case the call will be rejected when the mobile app tries to answer the call.

This is a known issue. The engineering team is working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime, please do the following:

1. Log in to your online account and go to Call Handling and Forwarding.
2. If you prefer to receive the incoming call on your RingCentral Mobile App, then disable or remove the PSTN/mobile phone number.
3. If you prefer to receive the incoming call on the PSTN/mobile phone number, then turn off "Notify my Desktop App and Smartphone"

NOTE: The Desktop App will also not receive any incoming calls.

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