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SummaryHow to set up the Auto select Call Log Object feature in RingCentral for Salesforce?

RingCentral for Salesforce 4.8.3 provides an enhanced method for the CTI to log calls with Salesforce entities. This feature affects Call Logs and provides the user the option to enable Auto select Call Log Object in Salesforce to auto select the corresponding drop-down/s value when the user navigates. Follow the steps below to enable this feature.

NOTE: This feature is configurable. Users who do not need this enhancement can simply not enable it from the Saleforce AdminUI.

Step 1:

On the RingCentral for Salesforce Home page, Go to Cloud Phone Settings.

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Step 2:

Under Log Customization, tick the box for Auto-select call log object in 'Related to / 'Name'.  With this checked, the app will auto-select the object the user navigates to in Salesforce in  'Related to' / 'Name' dropdown in call log unless user has manually selected an option in the dropdown.

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Step 3:

When making an outbound call or receiving an incoming from an unknown user, the ‘Relate To / Name’ fields are default to ‘None’.

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Step 4:

Go to an object detail page (e.g. lead, contact, account etc.)

• If the detail page opened is a contact or a lead, the name of contact/lead should be auto-selected into ‘Name’ field.

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• If the detail page opened is other objects except for contact and lead (e.g. account, opportunity), the name should be auto-selected into ‘Related To’ field.

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NOTE: Person account will be auto-selected to ‘Name/Related To’ according to the setting of ‘Associate Call Log with Person Account’ on AdminUI

Step 5:

If you select the object manually, it should not be overridden by auto-selection caused by navigation in Salesforce.

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Step 6:

When making an outbound call or receiving and inbound call from an existing user the ‘Name/Related to’ will auto-select to the previous record of the user. It will be displayed with a dot indicator to show that it is auto-selected.

NOTE: Only matching contacts, leads, and accounts will be displayed on the call information section.

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Step 7:

Navigate to the other object details (ex. a contact, lead, account, etc.). The call information will now show the selected value, and the dot indicator disappears.

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Step 8:

If you select the matching record manually, the dot indicator will change to a tick. It will now be displayed with a tick to show that it is manually selected.

NOTE: Manually selected values/objects will not be overridden by auto-selection caused by navigation in Salesforce.

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