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RingCentral Webinar - Question and Answer - Host Controls

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SummaryA Host or a Panelist can address questions posted by Attendees during a Webinar. Read more below to learn how Panelists answer questions.

Question and Answer - Host Controls

As a Host, you will see a notification on the Dashboard when there are questions from the Attendees.

• Click the Q&A button to see the questions.

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• In the Q&A window, click the Open tab to answer questions. You may choose to Answer live or Type Answer.

• You can also hover on a question that you don't want to answer, and then click Dismiss
• Dismissed questions will be under the Dismissed tab.

webinar host all and dismiss questions

• Selecting Type Answer allows you to reply via message. Click Submit to send your answer publicly or tick the Send privately checkbox before clicking Submit to answer the question privately. The private message will only appear to the Attendee who asked the question.

• Answered questions will be moved to the Answered tab. If you want to reply to an answered question again, you can select Answer live or Type Answer from this tab.

• You can also click Settings on the upper corner to set what you can allow Attendees during a webinar. Hosts can:

• Allow anonymous questions
• Allow Attendees to view answered or all questions
• Allow Attendees to upvote or comment on questions

webinar host settings

After the Webinar is completed, you can view the report of the Q&A. For more information on RingCentral Webinar Reporting, go to RingCentral Webinar Reporting.

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