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RingCentral Contact Center Platform Requirements

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SummaryWhat are the requirements to run RingCentral Contact Center applications?

Platform Requirements

These are the minimum workstation requirements to run the RingCentral Contact Center applications. If your contact center is running additional applications, you may need to update these requirements accordingly.

Computer Hardware

• Intel i3 processor or higher at 3 GHz or better
• If using Personal Connection at a dialing ratio higher than 3:1, a faster CPU and additional RAM is recommended.
• 2 GB of available memory  
• Note that this says available memory, not total system memory.

Internet Broadband Access Required

• 35 kbps bandwidth per workstation for data transport.
• Less than 200 ms average round-tripping reply between workstation and RingCentral Contact Center servers.

VoIP Bandwidth Requirements

• Based on the CODEC implementation

• G.711 CODEC requires 88 kbps per simultaneous call.
• G.729 CODEC requires 40 kbps per simultaneous call.

(For example, the number of simultaneous calls x CODEC kbps = total bandwidth needed)

NOTE: CODEC bandwidth use is bidirectional, so it is 88 up and 88 down simultaneously for a given G.711 call. 

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