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RingCentral Contact Center Known and Fixed Issues 17.1 Release

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SummaryRingCentral Contact Center Known and Fixed Issues 17.1 Release

Fixed and Known Issues

This article discusses the issues fixed and known issues on the 17.1 release.
NOTE: For more information on the 17.1 release, go to RingCentral Contact Center New Features and Enhancements 17.1 Release

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17.1 Fixed Issues

17.1 Known Issues

17.1 Fixed Issues


• Users experienced a delay on the API dashboard when making the call Contact_GetLiveList (TFS ID 345993).
• The lists/call-lists API was timing out (TFS ID 379489).
• Results from inView REST API agent skill mappings caused an error (TFS ID 381515).


• When an inactive user was set in the Reports To field, an error occurred preventing edits to that user (TFS ID 339983).
• Uploading a file in Admin > Files & Folders > Browse Files failed to upload without displaying an error message (TFS ID 360762).
• Changes in Central caused users to see error messages that Verint accounts were no longer valid (TFS ID 367716).
• Supervisors in the same security profile were unable to edit or create users (TFS ID 369425).
• Users received an error when attempting to edit or change permissions on an existing security profile (TFS ID 370450).
•Skills were showing as updated by an inactive user (TFS ID 370364).


• Apostrophes and brackets were displaying in Unicode in MAX (TFS ID 325152).
• The Insert button in Quick Replies no longer displayed after parking multiple emails (TFS ID 367551).
• Dispositions were not displayed after ending some inbound calls (TFS ID 371814).
• The launch button in MAX was disabled during a call (TFS 379838 and ID 381556).
• The pop-up window automatically closed when an agent changed to an unavailable state and was assigned to a skill with no ACW or disposition (TFS ID 380638).
• Chat interactions were interrupted by additional chats being delivered to the agent (TFS ID 382704).
• When using the integrated softphone, the Accept/Reject button did not display for some inbound calls (TFS ID 385424).


• Work Items did not get prioritized and accelerated correctly in the call routing (TFS ID 305765).
• Some agents did not receive ACW on skills configured to Post Call ACW (TFS ID 315090).
• Callback contacts in queue were removed, excluding them from the Contact History report (TFS ID 346335).


• Using the command line to populate the user name and password no longer worked (TFS ID 368518).


• Abandon Time in custom reports was not matching Actual Abandon Time or Average Abandon Time (TFS ID 312144).
• There was a discrepancy in the Campaign Summary by Skill and Campaign Summary by Campaign reports for a service level based on the same data (TFS ID 327066).
• Building a custom report using a CSV file resulted in minor incorrect formatting (TFS ID328566).
• The metric for Total_Time was fixed (TFS ID 340408).
• When running the Agent Snapshot Report, the report showed additional dates not selected (TFS ID 360464).
• Scheduled reports that were scheduled at least 15 minutes out were not running and sat in an error state (TFS ID 362995).
• Scheduled reports sent a delayed notification email and did not run (TFS ID 363584).
• The Preview Rejects count metric was excluded from custom reports (TFS ID 366171).
• Downloading or applying new filters to the Contact History report reset filters to their defaults and removed data (TFS ID 367470).
• Data Download report displayed a longer call duration than the actual call time (TFS ID 370328)
• Contact IDs that had matching ANI and DNIS values displayed with different values in the Data Download CDR report (TFS ID 370459).
• Creating an SFTP account under custom reporting resulted in an error (TFS ID 379278).
• There was a data discrepancy between custom and canned reports for contact history or Data Download reports (TFS ID 381439).
• Service level widget was not resetting to 0 at midnight (TFS ID 386711).\


• The indicate action redirected the call to the default skill instead of the selected skill (TFS ID 376320).

17.1 Known Issues

• Parked Emails in MAX Not Displaying

Some customers are unable to see parked emails after they have parked a new email, log out, then log back in to MAX.

• Text Formatting Issues in Messages Widget in MAX

The text in the pop-up messages in MAX does not display correctly when the color of the text was changed through Studio scripts.

• Quick Replies in MAX Not Displaying for Transferred Chats

Once a chat is transferred to another agent in MAX, the quick replies no longer display.

• Agent to Agent Outbound Call Fails in MAX

When an agent calls another agent through the application, then the second agent places an out- bound call and transfers that call, all calls get disconnected.

• Dialing Delay in MAX When Using Internet Explorer

When typing a phone number in MAX, there is a delay in displaying the text in your browser, when using Internet Explorer.

• Unable to Start Skill in Personal Connection

Some users are unable to start a dialer skill in Central and show a stuck agent.

• Password and Authentication Issues in Central with NICE IEX/WFM

The ACD password fails to authenticate due to an expired password when the password is not set to expire.

• Emails Time Out and Not Delivered

Emails sent to specific points of contact are timing out and not being delivered.

• orderBy Parameter for getAgents Admin API Not Working Correctly

Using the orderBy parameter results in a data set sorted by Agent ID rather than the set parameters.

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