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SummaryGetting to know the Phone Numbers section

Phone Numbers Overview

The Phone Numbers section lets you view your numbers by category, and add additional numbers to the account. This section also displays the company's Main Number and Fax Number. Administrators can access this section on the RingCentral Online account by going to the Admin Portal > Phone System > Phone Numbers

NOTE: Administrators can assign names or labels to Company Phone Numbers. See Company Phone Number - Set phone name or label for more information.

Phone Number Tabs

The Phone Number section is composed of the following tabs. Click on the links below to learn more about each tab and to view related topics.

Transferred and Vanity
Common Phones

Phone Numbers

Company tab 

The Company tab shows the list of numbers that will connect the caller to the Auto-Receptionist. This tab shows the Company Main Number, Company Fax Number, and all numbers assigned to the company Auto-Receptionist.

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Assigned tab

The Assigned tab shows the list of phone numbers assigned specifically to a user extension and groups. You can add a phone number from here. You can also forward calls automatically to your RingCentral account to maintain your phone number with your current provider.

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Unassigned tab

The Unassigned tab shows the list of phone numbers in the account that has not yet been assigned to a user.

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Transferred and Vanity tab

The Transferred and Vanity tab shows the list of all the numbers that have been transferred from your previous provider to RingCentral, as well as Vanity Numbers that can help customers remember business phone numbers.

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Common Phones tab

The Common Phones tab shows the list of phone numbers assigned to your Common Area Phones. With Hot Desking, users can log in to a shared RingCentral desk phone remotely, and use it like it's their own — with access to their personal extension, saved settings, voicemail, and more.

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