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SummaryYealink W56P Overview

Yealink W56P Phone Overview

The Yealink W56P replaced the Yealink W52P as RingCentral's cordless phone offering. Yealink W56P comes with a new handset called the W65H.

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Key Features and Benefits

• 2.4" 240 x 320 color screen with an intuitive user interface

• Up to 30 hours talk time, Up to 400 hours standby time

• Quick charging: 10 mins charge time for 2 hours talk time

• USB Charger Cradle

• Headset connection via 3.5 mm jack

• Wall mount-compatible charger

• New belt clip for better user experience

• Indoor Range: 20m~50m · Outdoor Range: 300m (In ideal conditions)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will RingCentral stop selling the W52P?

Yes, The Yealink W56P will replace the W52P but the old W52P model will still be fully supported by RingCentral.

2. Will the W56P be priced higher than the W52P?

No, they will have the same pricing.

3. Can W56H and W52H handsets be used interchangeably on the same Yealink W52P / W56P base?

Yes, the W56H and W52H handsets are compatible with Yealink W52P and W56P base.

See Provisioning - Yealink W56P Assisted Provisioning for instructions on how to set up your Yealink Desk phone through RingCentral's Assisted Provisioning feature,

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