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RingCentral App - Administrating Teams

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SummaryRingCentral App allows you to limit which team members can add other team members, turn on integrations, or even post messages (in message streams used for announcements). A new Team Administrator Role has been added to facilitate this feature.


RingCentral App - Administrating Teams

When you create a new team, the Team Administrator will be presented with a series of options to toggle on or off.

rc app @team mention

Team admins can:

- Add people to the team
- Remove people from the team
- Edit the team's details, including the name and privacy settings
- Add the team to a folder or remove it from a folder
- Delete any post in the team
- Delete, archive or duplicate team

The capabilities are no longer available to anyone in the team but admins.

Once you create the team, you can revisit any of these options by following the Team Details link from the settings menu. To display the settings menu:

- Click the gear icon at the top of the conversation, next to the team title.
- The gear icon also appears when you hover your mouse over a team name in the left hand sidebar.

NOTE: You must access RingCentral App on a desktop, in a web browser or on the desktop app, to access these administrative controls.

When you create a team, you become the administrator by default. You have the option of designating one or more additional team administrators among the team members, with the exception of guests. To add additional administrators, open the Manage Members option from the Settings menu, then select a member to add as a team administrator. From this screen, you can also add and remove team members.

NOTE: Members who are not team administrators will not see the Manage Members option. Instead, their menu will include a Team Member option where they can see who the team administrators are.

Only team administrators can add other team administrators. The power to archive or delete a team is also limited to administrators only.

Teams created before the introduction of the Team Administrator role do not have admins. To assert administrative controls, use the Manage Members option to designate yourself as a team administrator. You can add other members you may want to grant admin rights at the same time. Once done, the Manage Members option will not appear to anyone but an authorized team administrator.


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