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RingCentral Contact Center New Features and Enhancements 17.2 Release

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SummaryWhat are the latest features and enhancements on the 17.2 Release?

New Features and Enhancements for 17.2

RingCentral Contact Center adds new and enhanced features for the 17.2 release.  Click on the links below to jump to the topic:

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Chat Profiles Available for V2 (HTML5)

Chat profiles will be able to be created for the V2 (HTML5) chat interface. You will be able to select customized colors and fonts and upload a logo to the chat interface using either chat interface type.

Chat Interface Version Selectable in Chat Profiles

The chat interface version, V1 (ASPX) or V2 (HTML5), will be set at the chat profile level instead of the business unit level. Currently the version can only be set by business unit and applies to all points of contact in that business unit.

Pre-chat Forms Available for V2 (HTML5)

The HTML5 version of the chat interface will have a built-in way for you to create pre-chat forms. These forms are presented to the customer when they initiate a chat session. The customer will be able to fill in the fields defined, and that information will be imported into the contact Script in Studio.

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Reporting Label Change

The label for the reports that are available by default will be changed from Canned Reports to Pre-built Reports.

Agent ID Attribute Available in Custom Reporting

The attribute Agent ID will be added to Custom Reporting as a selectable field option for the Personal Connection, Intraday Contact Detail, Contact Summary, and Contact Detail models.

Expand the Outbound Agent Performance Report to Show Time Metrics

The Outbound Agent Performance Report will now include a column for preview time. The filters will also be expanded to include all Outstates.

Billing Reports Include Active, Long Term, and Data Retrieval Activity for AWS Users

The billing reports will display separate values for measuring Active, Long Term, and Long Term Retrieval activity for customers using cloud storage through AWS.

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Disposal of Bad Number Calls

A button will be added to allow agents to dispose of a ringing outbound call before the end of an invalid or disconnected message has ended. 

Place an Outbound Call After Email Interruption

After an email interruption, an agent will now be able to put the inbound call on hold and dial an outbound call from outside of the address book.

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RingCentral Branded MAX Desktop

RingCentral look and feel for the agent desktop.

Omnichannel Session Handling

Agents will be able to handle multiple contacts from different customers concurrently regardless of the channel. For example, while handling an email an agent will be able to take a phone call and multiple chats from other customers.

Omnichannel Elevation

Agents will be able to use multiple channels while interacting with a single customer. While handling an inbound contact, agents will be able to initiate an outbound contact (voice or email) to that customer, allowing them to communicate with a single customer across multiple channels, concurrently.

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Disposition Timeout

You will be able to set a maximum time limit for agents to disposition a call. A timer in MAX will count down from the configured time as soon as the call ends. If the agent does not disposition a call before the timer reaches 0, the agent's state will change to an unavailable state of your choosing. If it expires when an agent had already selected a disposition then that disposition will be associated with the contact. If the agent did not choose a disposition prior to expiration then No Disposition will be associated to the contact.

Personal Connection Configurable Search

Contact center supervisors will now be able to decide if they want to configure search options for varying campaign requirements by the standard phone number search or by what is included in the External ID field, which can offer agents more accurate search results. 

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The new SIPXFERPUTHD action will allow additions to be made to the SIP header of a call prior to a transfer or blind transfer.

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Additional Rule Intraday Inputs

Two new Intraday Data Points, Queue Size and Longest Wait Time, will be added for use in WFI Rules. These Data Points will be used in the same way as the Service Level Intraday Data Point.

Rules for Periodic Automatic Actions

Recurring rules will allow you to set activities to occur on a regular basis using Hourly, Daily, and Weekly settings. You will be able
to add or remove skills and send notifications at regular recurring intervals.

WFI Moved in Central from WFO Menu to Admin Menu

“Workforce Intelligence” will be located in the Admin menu in Central. WFI Reports will remain in the Reporting/Analytics section.

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Notification Center

The Notification Center will push real time notifications, alerting you of new chats, work aids, surveys, and announcements.

Profile Redesign - Avatar

This new update will allow you to personalize your avatar and view various data such as coins, gems, badges, XP, and records from your profile.

Point Store

The Point Store will allow you to manage employee rewards. Agents will be able to spend coins won via the Rules Engine on goods and perks.

Task Management

The Task Management tool will enable you to create a task, assign it to various agents, and monitor its progress. Agents will also be able to create their own task list. 

Coaching Module Redesign

This new update will allow you to create customized coaching sessions using forms, KPI goals, and notes. You will also be able to view all open coaching sessions and easily complete follow-ups. Agents will be able to view their coaching sessions and history.

NICE WFM and NICE QM Integration

inView Integration will enable you to utilize inView reporting dashboards in conjunction with NICE WFM and NICE QM.

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New UI Look and Feel

The user interface will be updated to provide you with a consistent experience.

Transcript Export

The Transcript Export will enable you to export transcripts for all email, voice, and chat conversations, individually or in bulk.

Text-Based Routing User Interface

The Text-Based Routing user interface will allow you to quickly customize your text-based routing, ensuring that incoming emails are properly routed to an agent with the appropriate skill set and experience level.

Custom Categories for Text-Based Routing

Custom Categories rules will allow you to update the routing of your text-based customer conversations as customer priorities and product offerings change, ensuring that incoming emails are always handled by an agent with the best matched skill set. 

Custom Terms for Text-Based Routing

Custom Terms will enable you to create and modify new parameters that can be used by the text-based routing system.

Find Contact Features

Find Contact Features will allow you to explore a transcript, or group of transcripts, for events and entities occurring within the contact.

Rolling Time Frames for Reports/Topics

Rolling Time Frames will ensure that you have access to real-time topics and reports of your agents.

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