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SummaryHow do I set up audio while connecting?
Incoming callers will hear the music selection that is configured with this setting. The music selection callers will hear when they are placed on hold can be set in the Hold music selection.

NOTE: The "Audio while connecting" setting is applied on a rule basis, the "Hold music" setting is applied for all calls.

Step 1:

Go to Settings >  Screening, Greeting, & Hold Music.
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Step 2:

Enable Audio While Connecting. Click Edit to configure:

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Step 3:

Click Set Audio to select from Ringtones, Music, or Custom. For Custom, browse and upload your selected audio.

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Step 4:

Click Done when the upload is complete. 

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you may also:
• Click the Play button to listen to your custom recording.
• Click the Re-record button to change or replace your custom recording. •
Click the Download button to download and save your custom recording to your computer.

On the Screening, Greeting & Hold Music screen, click Save to save your changes.
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