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SummaryHow do I configure my user and after hours?

How to set your User Hours and After Hours to allow different call handling settings based on your schedule?


1. Go to Settings > User Details.


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2. Go to Settings & Permissions, click Edit under User Hours.
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3. You may select the following options: 

24 hours / 7 days a week - Select if you want incoming calls handled the same way all the time, every day.

Custom Hours - Select if you want incoming calls handled differently when your business is open and when it's closed.
Selecting this option will enable you to configure your After Hours settings.

For the sample User Hours below, this means that the user can set user hours settings for Screening, Greeting & Hold Music and Call Handling & Forwarding which will be followed 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM during weekdays. While the user's After Hours settings will be applied from 6:01 PM to 8:59 AM of the next day during weekdays and throughout the weekend.

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Screening, Greeting & Hold Music

User Hours  - You may configure the following settings: 
User: Set up User Greeting 
User: Set up Call Screening 
User: Set up Connecting Message 
User: Set up Audio while Connecting 
User: Set up Hold Music  

After Hours - Your After Hours options will depend on your selected Call Handling & Forwarding option. To configure the same settings for After Hours, Select Forward Calls on Call Handling & Forwarding > After Hours.

Call Handling & Forwarding

User Hours - You may set the following options:
User: Configure Call Forwarding
User: Configure Incoming Call Information
User: Configure Call Flip Settings
User: Configure Voicemail Settings
User: Set another User to receive your Voicemail Messages
User: Configure Voicemail Preview 


After Hours - You may select the following options:
• Send Callers directly to voicemail
• Play announcement and disconnect
• Forward Calls
• Unconditional Forwarding
Select Forward Calls to view the same custom settings on your Screening, Greeting & Hold Music User Hours

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