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RingCentral Multi-Site Support | Overview

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SummaryRingCentral Multi-Site allows you to configure and manage your different office locations under one account. This article describes the RingCentral Multi-Site feature and how to enable it. Follow the steps below to enable Multi-Site support for your account and click on the links to set-up Multi-Site for your account.

RingCentral Multi-Site Support | Overview

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Key Feature and Benefits
How do I enable Multi-Site Support?

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Key Features and Benefits

• Allows management of all site assets in all locations within a single account.

• Individualized outbound caller ID name per site.

• Custom call handling rules per site.

• Localized management per site - Configure Users assigned to Site, User Roles & Permissions, Company Info, and Auto-Receptionist per site.



• Sites are created one by one but Site settings can be copied from existing sites. Upcoming updates will allow bulk site creation.

• Existing customers on Single-level IVR who opt into Multi-Site will have to re-configure their IVR settings on new Multi-level IVR account – settings will NOT port over.

NOTE: IVR settings will remain accessible for existing customers on Multi-level IVR once they opt into Multi-Site support.

Availability and Requirements

• Multi-Site Support can be enabled by RingCentral Premium and Ultimate accounts.

• Requires Multi-level IVR mode to be enabled. Single-level IVR settings need to be reconfigured to Multi-level IVR to enable multi-site.

How do I enable Multi-Site?


1. Log in to RingCentral Online account.

2. Go to Tools > Multi-Site Settings.

3. Click the slider button to enable Enabled account support for multiple sites.

Click Save.

Click the slider button to account support for multiple sites. Click Save.


4. Your Online account will be updated with Site Filters and pages to create and configure multiple sites. 

NOTE: You can start adding new Sites. Go to Phone System > Company Info > New Site. See RingCentral Multi-Site Support: Creating New Site for more information.


New Site filters and buttons are now available on your account:
• Phone System > Phone Numbers > Company tab
• Sites filter

• Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings
•  Sites filter
NOTE: Each Site is listed, click the Site to configure: Site Hours, IVR Settings, and Regional Settings.

• Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > IVR Menus
•  Sites filter

• Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > Prompts Library
•  Sites filter

• Phone System > Groups > Call Queues
•  Sites filter, Change Site button
• Phone System > Groups > Shared Lines
•  Sites filter, Change Site button

• Phone System > Phones & Devices > User Phones
•  Sites filter

• Phone System > Phones & Devices > Shared Lines
•  Site filter
• Phone System > Phones & Devices > Unassigned
•  Sites filter, Change Site button
• Users > User list
•  Sites filter, Change Site button

• Users > User list > User Details > Settings & Permissions
•  Change the assigned Site for the User
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