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RingCentral Multi-Site Support: Configure User Roles & Permissions

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SummaryWhen the RingCentral Multi-site Support is activated, the Administrators (Super Administrators, and Administrators with User Management permission) can create a custom role for Users so they can manage and view the call logs of a site without giving them full administrator access.

How to configure User Roles and Permissions for Multi-sites

User Roles give Administrators the ability to control what Users can do within the system, without giving full administrator access. A Role is a collection of Permissions which could be based on a job function. Permissions are assigned to Roles, and Roles are assigned to Users. When RingCentral Multi-Site Support is activated, there will be an additional configuration for Site-based roles and permissions. In order to allow Users to manage the site and view the site's call log, the Administrator must create a custom role, then assign the role to User/s.

IMPORTANT: Administrators and Administrators with User Management > Roles permission can create a custom role for a User in order to manage and view the call logs of a site.

NOTE: The Multi-Site and Custom Roles features are available to all RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate customers in the US, Canada, and UK.

See User Roles and Permissions | RingCentral for more information about custom roles.

1. Create a custom role.

NOTE: Check Multi-Sites to select both Site Management and Sites Call Log, then click Create Role.

Check the permissions that need to be granted for this role. Uncheck the permissions that need to be removed. Click Create role to proceed.

2. Click Assign.

Click Assign to continue assigning Users or click Later to assign Users later.

3. Check the User/s that need to be assigned to the role.

4. Set the Role Domain/s for each selected User.

Set Role Domain

4. Click Assign.

NOTE: When a User is assigned the Super Admin role, the User gains the Super Admin permissions on the company level and all sites. If a User is assigned the User admin role or another Admin-related role, the User will only have their admin permissions on the designated sites; they will NOT have visibility into the site assets of any other locations. 

TIP: You can also assign roles using the following methods:

• Assign Roles via Assigned Users
• Assign Role via User Details

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