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SummaryAccount Administrators or Call Queue Managers may set the maximum Hold time for a customer to wait on queue for the next available call queue member. When the maximum Hold time is reached, the caller will then be forwarded to voicemail and disconnected.


Call Queue - Set Maximum Hold Time 

1. Under the Call Queues tab, select the Call Queue group you wish to edit, and then click Call Handling & Members.

call queue - call handling

2. Click Wait Settings.

call queue - call handling - wait settings

You can modify the following in this section:

• Maximum time to wait for a call queue member before trying the next member:
- If a member does not answer within this time period, the queue will move onto the next available member.

• Maximum hold time for an available member before going to voicemail: 
- If a member does not answer within this time period, the caller will be forwarded to voicemail.

• After last call is ended, agent will be available for the next call within:
- This option specifies how long the system will wait after an agent completes a call before automatically setting their status to "Available" for a call. This gives the member time to make notes or otherwise follow up on a call.

• If number of callers waiting exceeds. You can select these options:
- Send new callers to voicemail
- Advise callers of heavy call volume...

3. Click Save when finished.

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