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Automated Speech Recognition - ASRCOMPILE

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ASRCOMPILE Allows you to compile custom grammar files for use in ASR-enabled IVR scripts.

Grammar files are typically written in XML and saved as .grxml files. The Nuance ASR engine used by RingCentral Contact Center performs optimally with grammar files that are in .gram format. ASRCOMPILE provides a convenient way for you to compile your .grxml files into .gram files.

ASRCOMPILE is not used in production scripts, but rather, in a special use script that is run on an occasional or as-needed basis. When the script is run, a job is sent to the ASR grammar service via an HTTP request. The grammar service performs the request and then uploads the result to the location where your other RingCentral Contact Center are stored.

This action can be used in conjunction with ASRSQL to create a compiled grammar file from a database.

ASR is an optional feature that appears only in the Framework tab, and only if ASR is enabled for you. Ask your account manager for more information.
Supported Script Types
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The name of the grammar (.grxml) file you want to compile. You must upload this file in Studio prior to processing it with ASRCOMPILE. The newly-compiled file will have the same name, but with a .gram extension. After processing, the new file is stored with your other Studio files.

ResultVariableAllows you to name a variable to be populated with the text of the output. If there is a problem with the source .grxml file, the variable is populated with information about the error.

Branch taken unless the script meets a condition that requires it to take one of the other branches. It is also taken if the other branches are not defined.


Branch taken when there is an unexpected problem with the ASR engine (for example, poor connectivity, missing grammar files, syntax errors in the grammar, and so forth). The _ERR variable should be populated with a condensed explanation of the problem.

Phone Script Example Using ASRCOMPILE

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