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Analytics Portal - Feature Requests

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SummaryListed below are the feature requests for Analytics portal that we have documented and currently available workarounds.

Analytics Portal - Feature Requests

We encourage customers to go to RingCentral Community and post your own feature request for Analytics portal and other RingCentral products. This helps us prioritize features that are requested frequently by customers.

Functionality to share reports/make them visible to other admins on the account

Way to identify which call was forwarded to a specific extension, aside from identifying it via session ID

List of all Abandoned (Park) calls or Abandon (Hold) Calls on a certain date

Retrieving statistics on certain numbers – how many calls (inbound/outbound) were made from a number
To filter if the Abandon (Park) or Abandon (Hold) call was answered

Filter reports via business hours/after hours
Workaround: You can use the trend (set to Hour) for the selected period of time.

Filter Missed calls by the hour for the operator extension.
Workaround: You can use the trend (set to Hour) and select the right user/group of users, and define the date range.

• Export information found in the “session mapping”

• Label numbers after users who have the numbers assigned to them
Workaround: You can add a name for the device with the number by going on the Phone's details. Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices

• Sharing reports generated by an admin to other admins
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