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SummaryListed below are scenarios and possible reasons why you might encounter data "discrepancies" on your Performance Report. If you encountered a discrepancy not described below, you may provide an article feedback below so we can investigate your Performance report discrepancy.

Analytics Portal - Performance Report Data Discrepancies


User is not taking calls but Performance report shows answered calls for the user

Scenario: Performance report shows a user answered calls but wasn't actually active.

Possible reason for this is the User has configured forwarding rules or ring groups. When the call received by the user is forwarded to and answered by one of the listed extensions, it will be counted as answered towards the primary user.

Why do I have missed calls even if I answer my phone every time?

Scenario: A user is able to answer all calls during business hours but on the performance report, it shows missed calls for the user.

Usually, the "missed calls" are from calls made to the user after hours. It is strongly recommended to drill down to your user (just click your name) and look through the session map for missed calls (just click the call tile to see the session map) to understand what these calls have in common.

The data on my Live Reports do not match with Analytics Report

There are a number of possible reasons that can cause this discrepancy:

1. Live Reports Queue widget settings include internal calls. 

2. Live Reports are real-time, Performance reports are updated every hour. So, if it’s not the first minute of an hour, the latest data are not in the
Performance report. 

3. Make sure the same queues are selected

4. The number of voicemails in Performance and Redirects to voicemails can be different as those two are different metrics. 
a. Redirect to voicemail – caller started listen to the VM prompt
b. VM – caller hang up after beep signal.
Overall, metrics calculations and data source are the same for live reports and performance reports.

Performance report shows duplicate extensions and/or deleted extensions

duplicate extensions:
A user configured as different extensions in the last 6 months (Ex. ext 1134, ext 1123) will show it on the list since it would have been in the past call data.

deleted extensions:
Since the tool stores 6 months historical data, it allows you to select deleted users as well, otherwise you won’t be able to get accurate info about past metrics. You should see a “i” sign next to the deleted user, company number, or queue.

User is on central time  (CST) but the performance report shows pacific (PST).

You may encounter this issue when the Admin is using a different timezone on their account. to configure this, go to the user portal and under Settings tab, go to User Details > Settings & Permissions. Click Edit under Regional Settings to configure the time zone.

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