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Analytics Portal - Report Subscriptions

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SummaryThis article shows the different scenarios you may encounter with report subscriptions and how to resolve them.

Analytics Portal - Report Subscriptions


When you subscribe to a specific report and it is being sent daily, the reports that we are receiving are still old reports. How do I configure a report that sends yesterday's data?

Set “Yesterday” in the report that you need to get on your email.

If you need a report on a daily basis with the data on a previous day, follow these steps:

1. Log in on the Admin Portal and open the Analytics Portal.

2. On the Date Range, select Yesterday.

3. Specify other parameters you need on your report.

4. Save the report

5. Go to Subscriptions

6. Click Edit on the report.

7. Under Email Delivery Schedule, set the frequency to Daily.


When setting up a subscription in the Analytics Portal, will selecting daily and choosing 4 under hour mean that you will receive the report every four hours?

No, this is the time of day when the subscription will come daily to your email. In this example, it’s 4 pm/am every day.


Twice a week I log in to pull reports, how do I configure the subscription so I will receive two reports per week?

1. Log in on the Admin Portal and open the Analytics Portal.

2. On the Subscriptions tab, click Create New.

3. Set the Email Delivery schedule to weekly and configure the Day/hour.
To get it twice a week – simply create two identical subscriptions with different weekday delivery schedule 

4. Please, make sure the report you need to be emailed to you is saved in the portal. To retrieve Historical Reports select the Performance report with “- P” suffix.

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