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Analytics Portal - Service Level KPI

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SummaryThis article describes the Settings and Parameters for the Service Level Metric on your Analytics report.

Analytics Portal - Service Level (SLA) KPI



SLA KPI is available in the Performance Report (Queue tab) only for accounts with Live Reports. Click the KPI icon and check the % SLA metric.


How to configure Service Level Settings

Service Level Settings are configured per queue. Follow these steps:

1. On the Admin Portal, Go to Phone System > Groups > Call Queue

2. On the Call Queue list, select the Call Queue > Call Queue Details > Settings.

SLA Settings:

• Service Level Target (%)
The target percentage of calls that must be answered by agents within the service-level time threshold.

• Service Level Threshold (s)
The period of time in seconds that is considered to be an acceptable service level. A call within this time period will be marked as "within service level", while calls of longer duration will be considered as "outside of service level". Doesn't include time in IVR.
• Include abandoned calls
Includes abandoned calls into service-level calculation. Abandoned calls are when callers hang up prior to being served by an agent.
•  Abandoned calls threshold (s)
Abandoned calls that are shorter than the defined period of time in seconds will not be included in the calculation of Service Level. Zero value means that abandoned calls of any duration will be included in the calculation.
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