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RingCentral Phone Mobile - View Messages

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SummaryHow do I listen to my voicemail and view my received texts and faxes using the RingCentral Mobile App?
You can access your received  voicemail, fax and text messages in the Messages section of your RingCentral Mobile App. This article discusses How to view Messages that you have received on your Mobile app.

NOTE: Messages you send via RingCentral mobile app are stored in the Sent Items  folder of your RingCentral Online Account. For more information on checking your sent messages, go to  Checking your Voicemail, Faxes, and Sent Items through the RingCentral Online Account.

Access Messages on your RingCentral mobile app

Step 1:

Launch the  RingCentral Mobile App on your device.

RingCentral mobile app Icon

Step 2:

Tap Messages.

On your mobile app Messages you may:

View  messages

View Messages

Step 1:

When opening Messages, it will view all messages by default. You can identify the message type based on these icons:
Message TypeTextGroup
IconUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
NOTE:  You will be able to see the Sender' s Details by tapping the Information  icon next to the message. The information that you will see includes the Phone Number that your caller dialed to reach you. The Sender' s Contact Info page should allow you to Call, Text, Fax, Block, or Add the Sender to your Personal Contacts List.
messages tap contact info

Step 2:

Tap the drop-down arrow to filter your messages. You may filter your messages to display only Text, Voicemail, or Fax.
User-added image

Text message

When viewing a text message, you may click on the space provided to reply. On the top-right, you may click the Delete  icon.

User-added image


When viewing a voicemail, you may click the voicemail player buttons to play, pause, mute/unmute. On the top-right you may click the send email, or Flag as read/unread icon. You may also share your received voicemails and faxes to any app directly from the detail screen.

User-added image
NOTE:  RingCentral Office Ultimate Edition Plan  Users can see the  Voicemail Transcript  if the  Voicemail Preview  is enabled in their account. 


When Viewing a Fax message, you may click on the icons on the top-right to Delete, Flag as read/unread, or the Forward icon. On the Forward options you may select to Forward as Email, Forward as Fax, and Print. You may also share your received voicemails and faxes to any app directly from the detail screen.

 User-added image  User-added image

Share Fax/Voicemail to Other Apps​

User-added imageUser-added image

Bulk Delete Messages

When viewing All messages or when in filter mode, you may click the delete icon and select multiple messages to delete. You may also click Clear to delete all messages.
User-added image

Swipe with Quick Actions (iOS only)

When using the mobile app on an iOS device, you may use Swipe with Quick Actions:
Tab/Message viewSwipe ActionOptions
All Messagesleft-to-rightFlag as read/unread
User-added image
Text Messageright-to leftCall / Delete
User-added image
Voicemailright-to leftForward / Fax / DeleteUser-added image
Fax Messageright-to leftForward / Fax / Delete
User-added image
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