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SummaryThe Billing section of the RingCentral Online account allows Administrators to view and manage payment and services tied to their RingCentral account. This article covers the overview of your Service Plan. The Service Plan tab lets you access and configure your RingCentral Service Plan, how to change it, how much it costs, your Billing Cycle and your Next Billing Date. 


Billing - Service Plan

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account. You need to have an Admin / Billing admin account to access the Billing tab.

2. On the Admin portal, click the Billing tab. Service Plan section is displayed by default.

3. On the Service Plan page you will have access to these information:

Billing - Service Plan

Service Plan

Shows the RingCentral plan your account is subscribed to.

Click Change Edition button to open a window with a link to the RingCentral Plans and Pricing page. To proceed with changing your RingCentral Service plan, Contact RingCentral Support:

RingCentral United States
RingCentral Canada

Billing Plan

Shows your RingCentral account's monthly Subscription fee (Base Plan). NOTE: The Billing Plan does not include the additional services such as additional numbers and lines. To learn how to view your Monthly Billing Statement, go to View Billing History.

Billing Cycle

Shows the interval of time during which bills are prepared for the services consumed on your RingCentral account.

The Change Billing Cycle button is visible if your account is currently set-up on a monthly billing cycle. Clicking this button will open a window which allows you to switch from Monthly Subscription to Annual Subscription.
If you want t o switch from Annual Subscription to Monthly Subscription, Contact RingCentral Support:

RingCentral United States
RingCentral Canada

Billing History

Click View button to view the list of your Billing Transactions and Billing Statements. For more information, go to View Billing History.


Click Edit button to open the Auto-Purchase window. Auto-Purchase allows you to select the Calling Credits Package that RingCentral automatically adds to your account when you are running low on calling credits to prevent any potential interruption of service. For more information, go to Billing - Setting up the Auto-Purchase Option.

Account Credit

If you downgrade your account at the middle of your Billing Cycle, the remaining funds will be added to your Account Credits, instead of a refund. 

Next Billing Date

Shows the date when RingCentral receives the payment from your account.

Usage Info

You can view your total Used Plan Minutes for the current Billing Cycle and your available credits. For more details on Usage Info, go to Billing - View used minutes.

• Additional Services

Lists the services not included in your base plan that you have added to your RingCentral Account. For more information, go to Billing - View add-on services to your Service Plan.

• Cancel Service Plan

Provides you the contact information to proceed with cancelling your Service Plan and what to expect after your account is cancelled. For more information, go to Billing - How to cancel Service Plan.

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