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SummaryThe Billing section of the RingCentral Online account allows Administrators to view and manage payment and services tied to their RingCentral account. This article covers the steps to switch from Monthly Subscription to Annual Subscription.


How to change the Billing Cycle?

NOTE: This feature is only visible if your Billing Cycle is configured to a Monthly Subscription. 

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account. You need to have an Admin / Billing admin account to access the Billing tab.

2. Go to Billing > Service Plan.

3. Click Change Billing Cycle under the Overview section.

click Change billing cycle

4. On the Change billing cycle window, select One Year Subscription then click Next to proceed.

click One Year subscription

5. The Confirm Order screen shows a summary of the charges, adjustments, taxes, and fees. Tick the box to acknowledge that you understand the charges and you authorize the payment. Click Continue

6. Click Done.

To switch from Annual Subscription to Monthly Subscription, Contact RingCentral Support:

RingCentral United States
RingCentral Canada 

To know more about the Billing tab and its features, go to RingCentral Billing Overview.

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