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Change the administrator password | RingCentral

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SummaryThe article focuses on a step by step procedure on changing password on the Administrator's account.
Your Password is used to log in your account across RingCentral Platforms - RingCentral Online account, RingCentral Phone, RingCentral Phone for Mobile, RingCentral Meetings for Desktop, and Mobile.

Change Password – Change the administrator password

Follow the steps below if you are able to log in to your RingCentral Online account.

1. Go to My Extension.

2. Click Settings.

3. Go to User Details, click General tab.

4. Click Change Password.

5. Enter your Current Password to initiate changing your password.

6. Enter your new password on the box for: New Password, Confirm Password
Please choose a password that is at least eight characters and a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not  use repeating or sequential numbers or characters, or include account information.

7. Click Save to save your changes.


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