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SummaryThe company voicemail settings depend on which extension calls are sent to during after hours.
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Set Up Company Voicemail

1. Log in to your RingCentral account as an administrator.

2. Go to Phone System > Auto-Receptionist.

3. Under General Settings, click IVR Settings.

4. Check your IVR Settings located on the upper right drop-down (Single level or Multi-level).

IVR settings Multi or Single

Single Level

If your system is set to Play company greeting, check if it connects to an operator. In this case, the operator's mailbox will be the recipient of voice messages. You can set the operator's extension under General IVR Settings.

Play greeting operator extension

If your system is set to Bypass greeting to go to extension, that specific extension will be the voicemail recipient.

Bypass greeting extension


Check your IVR top menu. Check if it leads to an extension. In this case, that specific extension will be the voicemail recipient.

After Hours Top Menu

If it is set to play an IVR prompt, the voicemail recipient will depend on how the caller navigates the IVR menu. If the caller enters no option, scroll down under General IVR Settings and check what happens if caller enters no action after the prompt played 3 times. If it is set to connect to an extension, that specific extension will be the voicemail recipient.

Multi level IVR no action 3 prompts

Change the recipient's voicemail settings by following these instructions: Set Up a Custom Voicemail Greeting on a User Extension
To check voicemail messages, follow these instructions: Checking your Voicemail, Received Faxes, and Call Recording | RingCentral
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