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RingCentral Contact Center - Agent Overview

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SummaryAgent is an interface tool that a contact center representative uses to handle calls, chats, email, and work items.

RingCentral Contact Center - Agent Overview

Some versions of the agent application, including Agent for Salesforce and NICE inContact Agent for Oracle Service Cloud, are integrated with CRMs; others, including Thin Agent and MAX, are web applications launched from Central; Power Agent is a thick agent application you can download from Central.

Thin Agent includes a feature called the Supervisor Panel that enables supervisors to monitor and manage their agents' calls. The Supervisor application enables the same functionality for any agent application, but it is tightly integrated with MAX.

To learn more about the Agent interface, go to this InContact resource page:  https://help.incontact.com/spring18/Content/Agent/AgentOverview.htm
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