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RingCentral Contact Center - Platform Requirements

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SummaryThese are the minimum workstation requirements to run NICE inContact applications. If your contact center is running additional applications, you may need to update these requirements accordingly.

Contact Center | Platform Requirements


Computer Hardware

- Intel i3 processor or higher at 3 GHz or better
- If using Personal Connection at a dialing ratio higher than 3:1, a faster CPU and additional RAM are recommended.
- 2 GB of available memory
- Note that this is available memory, not total system memory.

Internet Broadband Access Required

- 35 kbps bandwidth per workstation for data transport
- Less than 200 ms average round-tripping reply between workstation and NICE inContact servers

VoIP Bandwidth Requirements

- Based on the codec implementation
- G.711 codec requires 88 kbps per simultaneous call
- G.729 codec requires 40 kbps per simultaneous call

(For example, the number of simultaneous calls x codec kbps = total bandwidth needed)

Codec bandwidth use is bidirectional, so it is 88 up and 88 down simultaneously for a given G.711 call. 

To learn more about Platform requirements, please go to this InContact resource page: https://help.incontact.com/spring18/Content/PlatformRequirements/PlatformRequirements.htm
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