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Contact Center Routing Number (CCRN)  Overview

Contact Center Routing Number (CCRN) is a feature that when enabled allows the set-up of Local Number, Toll-Free number or IVN to automatically route calls to the contact center platform (numbers associated with DL can’t be set-up as CCRN).  CCRN may also refer to the actual number that have been set-up as a Contact Center Routing Number.  Any call made to the CCRN will immediately get routed to the Contact Center Point of Contact (POC).  

CCRN is enabled when Contact Center is one of the tabs under Phone Numbers.  Numbers converted to CCRN are under this tab.  

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To enable CCRN or request local numbers, toll-free numbers or IVN set-up as CCRN, submit a case online or contact our support team.  To complete the routing, set-up the Contact Center Point of Contact (POC)

CCRN Routes Call to Same POC
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