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SummaryThis article describes the steps to update your Third Party Polycom Phone to the current firmware used by RingCentral for Polycom phones. Updating your Polycom phone resolves the issue where a phone will not register on the RingCentral System if it is on the incorrect firmware.


Desk Phone | Polycom | Updating the Firmware

The firmware versions that RingCentral uses for Polycom Phones are:
• VVX series: or
• Polycom SPIP series:

1. Get the IP Address of your Polycom Phone. This is required to access the phone's console webpage

You can get the phone's IP Address by going to: Home button > Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters > IP

2. Access  the console webpage for the Polycom phone. 
• Type into the bar on your web browser  https://[ip address]
• If the phone is on an old firmware it may be http://[ip address].  

3. Log in as Admin to the phone's web user interface.  
Default is:
• User Name:  Polycom / Admin
• Password:  456, 72227, or blank
*if the default password does not work you may need to contact whomever you purchased the phone from to find out what the password is set to.
*If the phone was previously provisioned with RingCentral, please contact RingCentral support for the unique instance password of the phone. The rep will need the device Serial Number. (Desk Phone - How to find the Serial Number | RingCentral)

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4. Once inside the console webpage, reset the phone back to factory.

5. Go to Phone Backup & Restore > Global Settings > Restore.

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Go to Utilities > Software Upgrade
Click on the Server Type: Polycom Hosted Server.
Software available at the custom server: (for VVX phones) or (for SPIP phones)

6. Click Install, and confirm. This will cause the phone to reboot (sometimes multiple times) as it updates to the current software.

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7. Once completed you can either set up the phone as listed here (step 6).

You may also log back into the console webpage, and go to Settings > Provisioning server (the password should now be 456):
• Server type: HTTPS
• Server name: pp.ringcentral.com/pp
• Server User: (blank)
• Server Password: (blank)
• Then press the + sign on DHCP and change Boot Server: Static.
*Leave all other settings default.

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Press save. This will cause the phone to reboot and download its configuration file. If this does not work, manual provisioning may be required. For more information, go to Manual Provisioning | Polycom phones.

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