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Deskphones - Polycom | How to switch off Lync | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article describes the steps to switch off Lync


Desk Phones - Polycom | How to switch off Lync

1. Log into the web GUI of the Polycom phone by browsing to the IP address of the phone. Instructions on how to get the IP address of your Polycom can be found on this article: Deskphones - Cisco Phones | Logging in to the phone's web user interface | RingCentral

2. Enter in the password for the device.

3. Go to the 'Simple Setup' tab, and expand the 'Base Profile' line

4. Change 'Base Profile' from 'Lync' to 'Generic'.

5. Hit 'Save' at the bottom. This will trigger your phone to reboot.
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