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SummaryMissed calls are displayed on the desk phone display and may clutter your phone display. Follow the steps below to learn how to clear call history from your Phone Display.

Deskphone: How do I clear Missed Calls Message on the Phone Display? 

NOTE: If these steps do not work for your desk phone,  you may search using "[Phone type] User Guide PDF" for the specific device and search "delete" or "clear" for steps on how to clear the call history.


Polycom VVX 400 and 410    

To remove all calls from the list:
1. From Home view, select Directories from Home view, and select Recent Calls.
2. Press Clear. All calls are deleted from the call list.

Temporarily removing message indicators.
To temporarily remove the message counter, press the messages User-added image icon and select Message Center or select Messages from Home view and select Message Center and press clear. Wait for 1-2 hours for the message indicators to display again


For Cisco SPA 300 Series IP Phones

To view a list of all missed calls:
1. if the LCD screen shows a missed call, press the miss softkey to view a list of missed calls.
2. if the LCD screen does not show the lcr or miss softkeys:
a. Press the Setup button.
b. Scroll to Call History and press the Select softkey.
c. Press the delete softkey.

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