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SummaryThis article aims to isolate and resolve issues where the phone is connected to an electrical outlet using an AC power adapter but the display is blank and with no light indicator.

Deskphones | Deskphone won't turn on using AC power adapter


Troubleshooting steps to resolve No power / No display issue


1. Make sure that the cables are properly connected. 

• Make sure the Power Adapter is securely plug in at the back of the phone.


2. Make sure to use a working electrical outlet.

• Try plugging the phone to another electrical outlet.


3. Make sure that the power adapter is working. 

• Plug the device to the spare adapter and check if its working. If it turns on using the spare power adapter, then the original power adapter should be replaced. If it doesn't work, then proceed to the next step.

• If you have another working device of same model, plug it to the original power adapter. If the other device works on the original power adapter, then the original device needs to be replaced. 

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