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SummaryFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Directory Listing

1. What is Directory Listing?

Directory Listing enables business details to be published in the National Local Directory Assistance.  Once your company details are published, potential customers can readily locate your business.  This is a free feature available for Office and Professional plans.  To learn how to use the Directory Listing feature, see Using the Directory Listing feature.

2. What are the other features the Directory Listing have?

The following are other features of Directory Listing:
• It is available via local 411
• You can publish your business name, address, main company number, and main fax number
• You can cancel the publication of your business anytime
• You will be updated of the status within 2-3 days

3. How do I sign up to get a directory listing added?

To get your listing posted, your account administrator will need to access the homepage of your account.  Under Settings, in the Company Shortcuts section, there’s a shortcut for 411.  In the 411 section, you can select the primary phone number, address, fax and also a toll-free number you want to promote.  To proceed with publishing, click the Publish button.  To learn how to access your Directory Listing, see Accessing the Directory Listing feature.

4. What if I want to delete the listing?

Once your listing is posted, you can make changes and even delete your entire listing.  Your account administrator simply goes to your Listing Details and selects Edit or Remove to make changes to your profile.

5. How many different listings can I make?

You get one (1) listing per company and able to publish your main company number, fax and also a toll-free number.

6. Can the number be searched in 411.com?

No. The listing currently doesn't include 411.com

7. What are the benefits of enabling my business details to be published in National Local Directory Assistance?

By enabling Directory Listing, you are able to:
• Establish a strong local presence for your company
•Get company details published in National Local Directory Assistance and show up in local searches for your business category.
• Listing will reach a wide audience and is available to everyone who calls 411.
• Add company’s primary contact information, including company name, address, main number, main fax and a toll-free number.

• Control entry
• After directory Assistance entry is published it can be updated within 24-72 hours, and can be removed at any time.
• When you change your location it’s easy to update or cancel your listing.
• Directory Listings is a free advertising feature for RingCentral Professional and Office customers.
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