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Caller ID - Set Company Caller ID Name (CNAM) | RingCentral

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SummaryHow do I set up the company Outbound Caller Name (CNAM)?

If you have previously configured your RingCentral account's Outbound Caller ID Name (CNAM) and would like to change it, follow the instructions in Caller ID - Change Caller ID Name (CNAM).

Required: Administrator Access with the following Administrator roles:

• Phone System Admin
• Super Admin
• Custom Roles with access to Phone System > Company Numbers & Info. 

1. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Company Info
2. Select Caller ID Name. 
3. Enter your preferred Outbound Caller ID Name exactly the way how you want it to appear on Caller ID displays whenever an outbound call is made using your RingCentral local phone numbers. You can enter up to 15 characters (including spaces).
4. Click Save

Your Company Outbound Caller ID Name (CNAM) should be active within 7 to 14 business days after submitting the request.



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