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Fax - Analog Telephone Adapter | Create an Extension for your Fax Machine

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SummaryCreating an extension for your Fax Machine to proceed with the ATA setup. This article describes the first step you need to complete when setting up your Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) for Sending and Receiving Faxes.


Fax - ATA | Create an Extension for your Fax Machine


For this setup, we need to create an extension with no number and device for your Fax Machine and make sure that all RingCentral call handling settings are disabled to ensure that the faxes are directly transmitted to the fax machine via the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). If you have an existing "Ext. with no device assigned that does not have a Number" proceed to Step 6.


NOTE: This is the first step in setting up your ATA device for Sending and Receiving Faxes. for more information, go to Fax - Analog Telephone Adapter | Set up ATA | Send and Receive Faxes | RingCentral.

2. On the Admin Portal view, click the Users tab.

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3. Select the Unassigned Extensions tab then click Add User.

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4. Create an Unassigned Extension with no number and no device. Select Domestic as the location.

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5. Select Add Users without Phones. Do not make any selection on the State and Area Code. If you have multisite enabled, set the Site to Company then click Add. Otherwise, click Add immediately.

Proceed with the steps on the screen and confirm the transaction.

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6. On the list of Unassigned Extensions,  Select the Ext. with no device assigned that does not have a Number.   

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7. Fill out the Information for your Fax Machine's extension, and then click Save & Enable
For this example, we named the extension "Fax Machine (ATA)".

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8. You will get a confirmation window after saving the extension details. Click OK.
The Fax Machine's Extension is moved to the list of Users with Extension

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9. Select the Users With Extensions tab, and then click on the Fax Machine's extension. 

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10. Click on Screening, Greeting & Hold Music. Set the following Settings and Save:

Connecting Message: Uncheck - OFF
Hold Music: Uncheck - OFF
User greeting: Uncheck - OFF
Audio While Connecting: Check - ON

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Under Audio While Connecting, click Edit and select Ringtones. When a caller dials the Fax Number assigned to this extension, this setting will ensure that the caller will hear ringing tones before your Fax Machine picks up and give the fax tone.

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