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Fax - Create a Custom Fax Cover Page | RingCentral Phone

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SummaryCreate a Custom Fax Cover Page on the RingCentral Phone. Creating a Custom Fax Cover Page allows you to personalize the look of your Fax Cover Page. This includes the ability to add your Company Logo on your Cover Page. Follow the steps below to create a custom Fax Cover Page.


Fax - Create a Custom Fax Cover Page | RingCentral Phone

The RingCentral Phone has a feature that allows you to choose from a list of Cover Pages when sending your Fax. Follow these steps to create a custom cover page. For the steps on using a default template on your Fax Cover page, go to Setting Up your Fax Cover Page on the RingCentral Phone.

1. Log in to your RingCentral Phone.

2. Click the Compose Fax button.

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3. On the Send Fax page, you can select your preferred Fax Cover Page Template and view it. 

Click the arrow to select from a list of Cover Page Templates from the Cover Page Selection.
On the Cover Page Selection page, select Custom Cover Page.
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4. Click on Custom Cover Page User-added image

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5. You will be provided with instructions on how to edit the Fax Cover Page fields, and a sample document that you can download as a guide. Edit the document and save it in .docx format.

The instructions are as follows: 

• A custom cover page must be created with fields that will be automatically populated by the application. You must format these fields with their respective variables. 
• The sender fields will be populated using information from your RingCentral account. 
• The custom cover page must be created in the Docx format. 
Download sample.docx to see the full list of available fields. 

NOTE: The following variables can be auto-populated based on the information that you have set on your RingCentral Online account: 

Sender's Information

Recipient's Information

• Sender's Name
• Company Name
• Address
• City
• State/Province
• Zip Code
• Fax Number

To set these information, go to Setting Up the Outbound Fax Settings on your RingCentral Online Account.

• Recipient Name
• Recipient Company
• Recipient Address
• Recipient City
• Recipient State / Country
• Recipient Zip Code

You can enter  Recipient's Name, Recipient's Company and Cover Page Note when you compose a fax message on your RingCentral Phone.

The Recipient Address, City, State/Country and Zip Code can be auto-populated if you have added the Recipient to your RingCentral Contacts list. To set this up, go to Personal Contacts Overview.


The image below shows the sample document for creating your Custom Fax Cover Page. The auto-populated fields (variables) are enclosed in braces / curly brackets.

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6. Give your Custom Cover Page a Name, and then click on Attach file to browse to the location of the Cover Page that you have created. 

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7. Click the Check mark to upload your Custom Cover Page. 

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8. Your Custom Fax Cover Page is automatically selected. To use your Custom Fax Cover Page on your next Fax message, click the Check mark to save the settings. 

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Custom Cover Page Options



What it Does

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The Edit button allows you to replace your Custom Fax Cover Page.

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The View button allows you to see a sample of your Custom Fax Cover Page.

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The Litter Bin allows you to permanently remove your Custom Fax Cover Page from the list of Cover Page templates.


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