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Fax - Unable to send faxes via RingCentral Phone for Desktop

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SummaryWhen sending faxes via RingCentral Phone for Desktop, you may encounter issues that prevents you from sending faxes successfully. Follow the steps below to resolve the possible causes of this issue which includes: Network and Firewall issues, RingCentral Phone on offline mode, and File attachment issues.

Fax - Unable to send faxes via RingCentral Phone for Desktop

Scenario #1: Caused by Network and Firewall

The most common issue that you may encounter when sending a fax message via the RingCentral Phone occurs when there are issues with the Network where the computer is connected to, or the computer where the RingCentral Phone is installed. To optimize the performance of your RingCentral Phone, make sure to allow RingCentral on your computer and network firewall.

The steps for allowing RingCentral on your network or computer differs depending on the following:
• Your computer's Operating System  
• Type of firewall/software installed on your computer
• Type of firewall, router, or switch installed on your network
We suggest to contact your IT Helpdesk to configure your firewall settings.

For information on the network configurations needed for fax, go to RingCentral Network Requirements - Whitelisting Domains, IP Addresses, and Ports.


Scenario #2: Caused by RingCentral Phone on offline mode

You may get a message on your RingCentral Phone that says "Application functionality is currently limited. You are only able to make and receive calls. The application will be fully operational momentarily."

The RingCentral Phone's status also shows as Offline. This happens when there is a large amount of data (messages) that needs to be synced from your RingCentral Online account.

To resolve this, follow the steps below:
1. Make sure to update to the latest version of the RingCentral Phone. For more information, go to Updating the version of RingCentral Phone.

2. As a workaround, you can delete older recordings or messages from the extension via your RingCentral Online account, or try waiting until message downloading is finished. 


Scenario #3: Caused by File attachment issues

To prevent fax attachment issues, ensure that you follow these requirements:
• File Attachments must use supported formats and File name format. The file name of attached files should not include ampersands (e.g. &) or other special characters. For more information, go to Supported File Attachments for Faxes.
• File attachment must not exceed 200 pages.
• Combined size of all File attachments must not exceed 20 MB
NOTE: If the above steps failed to resolve your issue, please Contact RingCentral Support for assistance. 

For more information on troubleshooting fax issues, go to 1144 Fax Troubleshooting Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions.
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