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SummaryThis article provides information on how to confirm if a refund has been successfully processed by checking it from your RingCentral online account.

NOTE: You need to be an Account Administrator to perform this action.


How can I check if refund has been processed on my account?


1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Billing > Service Plan.

3. Click Billing History.

click billing history

4. If the refund was made for a recent transaction, you should be able to see it immediately when you click on Billing History

The Refund should have the following indicators: 

1. The Date when the Refund was made.
2. The Refund should have the same Reference # with the original transaction.
3. The Description should indicate that the entry is for a Refund. 
4. The Amount refunded in parenthesis.

To view older billing transactions or refund, click View Full Billing History.

click View Full Billing History

Full Billing History

NOTE: The refunded amount will show on the credit card after 3-5 business days.  

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