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SummaryGetting to know the Incoming Calls on the RingCentral Salesforce App

The Incoming Call function works with the CTI adapter once it gets configured in the RingCentral Softphone. Configuration is automatically carried out during installation. When there is an incoming call on the Softphone, the CTI adapter is notified and passes it to the Salesforce Softphone application in turn. The adapter ignores an incoming call if it happens to be the same number set for Current Location or Callout.

NOTE:  Salesforce CRM Integration is available for Office Premium and Ultimate customers only. Click here to learn more about the new Office Editions.

The Incoming Call Pop-Up

Depending on the matching results for the phone number records for an incoming call, you will get any of the following pop-ups on your browser:

When no matching records are found

The image below shows how the Salesforce screen looks like when there were no matching records were found for the incoming call.

User-added image

Click Create New to create a page for the value you have entered in the Search bar.

NOTE:  Once you click the button, you will be directed to a page where the phone number is pre-filled in the form and you can edit the rest of the fields.

Salesforce - No matching records found - Click Create New.

When multiple matching records are found

User-added image

When you click the Log Call button, no drop-down option to associate the call with will appear.

Salesforce - Multiple records found - Log Call

The drop-down option appears when you click one of the records and browse a specific record.

Salesforce - Multiple records found - Log Call - Click one of the records

NOTE:  The drop-down options is now visible. Browse other records to add them to the drop-down list.

When a single matching record is found

If only one record is found, another window or tab will open to display the detail page.

User-added image

IMPORTANT:  Ensure that pop-ups are not blocked. The pop-up window behaves differently in different browsers.  For Google Chrome, the pop-up opens in a new window. For Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox, the pop-up opens in a new tab.

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