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SummaryAdministrators may create and assign a fax-only extension on the RingCentral online account.

A Fax Only extension is helpful when you want to store and find your faxes in one mailbox. Assigning your Fax Number to an extension is needed for RingCentral Professional and Office plans (plans with voice service) to prevent callers from hearing your Company Greetings instead of a fax sound.

Create Fax-Only Extension

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account as Admin > Phone System > Groups > Others > click New Message-Extension.

New Message-Extension

2. Type the Extension Number, Extension Name, and Email address for the Extension. Click Save.

Messages only extension information


Activate Fax-Only Extension

1. Under Groups > Others, select the Fax (Message-Only) extension you just created.

select fax messages only extension

2. On the Extension Info tab, click Resend Welcome Email. An email will be sent to the email address specified in the Fax extension's Email section. On the activation email, click on the link for activation.

Extension Info tab

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