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SummaryHow do I access the call handling settings of a call queue? How do I modify the call handling rules of a call queue? How do I configure call queue hours? How do I set up the holiday hours of a call queue?


Call Queue - Set Up Call Handling for Business Hours and After Hours 


Call queues allow you to distribute calls to custom groups or departments you set up. Create a call queue when you want a specific group of users (such as Sales, Support or Billing) to share incoming calls. Each call queue can have an extension or direct (local or toll-free) number of its own. You can define specific business hours for each call queue and set up email or text message notifications of any missed calls or voicemail messages.

NOTE: Only Account Administrators or a Call Queue Manager can set up and configure call queues.

This article discusses how to access and configure the Call Handling section of a Call Queues group. Click the links for more information.


Accessing the Call Handling Section of a Call Queue


Setting Up the Call Queue's Call Handling Rule

• Call Queue Hours

1. Deciding how calls get transferred to group members
2. Audio While Connecting
3. Hold Music
4. Member Availability and Hold Times

•  After Hours

2. Send Callers to Call Queue Voicemail
3. Unconditional Call Forwarding
4. Connect to a Specified Extension

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