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SummaryAdministrators can setup the custom greeting of a call queue. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Set Up Custom Call Queue Greeting

1. Login to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Groups > Call Queues

3. Select the Call Queue that you wish to modify.

4. Go to Greeting & Hold Music > Select either Business Hours or After Hours > Call Queue Greeting.

5. Tick the Enable box.

6. Click Edit to change the default greeting.

7. Select Custom in the Set Greeting drop-down list.

NOTE: If you have an existing custom greeting, click User-added image Record to change the greeting.

8. You can then choose and set your greeting from the following custom options:

Record Over the Phone

Select a number RingCentral will call from the Call me at drop-down list. If you prefer RingCentral to call you on a different number instead, select Enter a new number from the the drop-down list then enter the number. Click Call Now. RingCentral will dial the number you indicated. Follow the voice prompt to Record. Click Done to save your custom greeting.

Record Using Computer Microphone

1. Click Record to begin recording your custom greeting using your computer's microphone.

2. Click Record once more to end your recording.

NOTE: Click Play User-added image to listen to your recording or Record User-added image to re-record. Click Cancel to cancel recording.

3. Click Upload button Upload.

4. Click Done.

NOTE:  You may need to enable the microphone settings in your browser to record your greeting.


1. Select Importing to upload a prerecorded greeting from your computer.

2. Click Browse. Locate and double click the prerecorded greeting.

3. Click Done to save your custom greeting.

NOTE: Click Play User-added image to listen to your recording or Record User-added image to record again. Click Download User-added image to save a copy of your recording.

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