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Deskphones- List of Recommended Replacements for Old Polycom Devices | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article gives the list of phones which RingCentral recommend to replace the outdated ones.

Which phones does RingCentral recommend to replace the outdated ones?

RingCentral offers several SIP phones that come pre-configured for your RingCentral account, and are fully recommended and supported by RingCentral. For information on RingCentral's pre-configured devices, go to Phones & Devices - Purchase a Deskphone | RingCentral.

To learn more about the phones that we offer and its features, go to RingCentral Business VoIP Phones and Devices page:
RingCentral United States
RingCentral Canada
RingCentral United Kingdom 

Refer to the table for a list of Recommended Replacements for your Legacy Polycom SIP phones.

Retired Phone Model
Recommended Replacement

SPIP 301

Polycom VVX-101
Polycom VVX-150
Polycom VVX-201
SPIP 320
SPIP 321
SPIP 330
SPIP 331
SPIP 335
Polycom VVX-310

Polycom VVX-250
Polycom VVX-311
Polycom VVX-350
SPIP 430
SPIP 450
SPIP 501
SPIP 550
SPIP 560
SPIP 600
SPIP 601
Polycom VVX-410
Polycom VVX-411
Polycom VVX-450
Polycom VVX-501
Polycom VVX-601
SPIP 650
SPIP 670
SSIP 4000

Polycom IP 5000
Polycom IP 6000
SSIP 5000
SSIP 6000
SSIP 7000
Polycom VVX-500
Polycom VVX-501
Polycom VVX-601

NOTE: New line of Polycom X50 skyline phones VVX 150/250/350/450 meant to replace some of the existing phones (VVX 101/201/311/411). They are not direct replacements but are meant to provide enhanced functionality.

For steps in replacing your phone, go to How to Change, Replace, or Switch phones on your account.
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