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SummaryThis article provides an overview about the Phones and Numbers assigned to a User. Phones & Numbers allow Users to view the phone numbers directly assigned to their extension; View their RingCentral Audio Conferencing details and invite participants via email, and configure their Presence and Intercom settings. 

Administrators can access a user's Phones & Numbers configuration and add direct numbers and phones for the user.

User Phones and Numbers - Admin | Overview


1. Log in to the RingCentral Online account.

2. Go to Users > User list.

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3. Select the User you want to modify.

NOTE: Administrators may also select their own account from the list.

4. You may view and modify these settings under Phones & Numbers:

Numbers tab ​
Phones tab ​
Conference tab

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Numbers tab

Shows the list of phone numbers that route directly to your extension.

• Add Direct Number

This is where you can buy more direct numbers for the extension. For more information on this process, go to Admin: Add a Direct Virtual Number to a User.

• Numbers

Click Edit to configure the number type and where the Calls to this number will be connected to. For more information, go to Admin: Configure another User's Direct Number.

Phones tab

Your activated desk phones or Softphone / RingCentral Phone will be displayed. If you would like to add more phones, contact your company Administrator to have them added to you. 

• Add Phone

This is where you can buy more phones or phone lines for the User. Administrators can add the User's existing phone or add a Softphone / RingCentral Phone. Clicking this Phone initiates the Buy Phone process, similar to the steps provided in Set up a RingCentral SIP Phone.

• Presence

Presence-capable phones have status indicator lights that let you see who is available, busy, or on hold. Click on this and it will allow you to configure another user's Presence configuration, and decide who the user can monitor and how you want the user to handle the calls. For User steps go to User: Configure Presence Settings.

• Intercom

Allows you to enable the Intercom feature of another user; select a phone that can accept Intercom calls and select users permitted to make Intercom calls to the extension. For User steps go to User: Enable Intercom.

Conference tab

• Conference Number

Audio conferencing lets many people call in to the same line to be part of a discussion. This is your assigned Conferencing line. Start a meeting by using the Dial-In Number, then entering your Host Code. Other callers can use the Participants code to join your call. Or click Invite with Email to send them an email with the Dial-In details. 

• Additional Local/Regional Numbers

Click the Additional Numbers button to configure dial-in numbers and other conference configuration.

• Host Code, Participants Code

The Host Code allows you to join the conference as a host and manage the settings of your Audio Conferencing line. For the list of commands, go to RingCentral Audio Conferencing Touch-Tone Commands. The Participant Code allows you to join the conference as a participant.

• Invite with Email

Click this button to send an email with conference dial-in details for your participants.
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