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RingCentral App - No Video or Phone Icon

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SummaryThis article presents scenarios that show why the video and/or the phone icons do not appear on the RingCentral App (Glip).

Why is there no video or phone icon on the RingCentral App (Glip)

The following scenarios show why the video or phone icons do not appear on the app.

Scenario 1: No Video icon

The video icon is not present:

• if the RingCentral App user has the Glip Freemium account and has no RingCentral DigitalLine.

• when the Glip Freemium account's 500 minutes, which is shared to the entire company, has been used up. 

NOTE: The 500 minutes allotted is good for the entire duration of the free service plan and does not renew once used up.

Scenario 2: No Phone icon

The phone icon does not appear if:

• the user has no RingCentral DigitalLine.

• the RingCentral App profile has been registered without the extension number and DigitalLine.

NOTE: Check the Edit Profile page.

Scenario 3: Has Video icon, but does not have the Phone icon

This happens when the RingCentral App user is a co-worker with a RingCentral user extension but has no DigitalLine.

NOTE: The user needs to have a DigitalLine in order to have a phone icon.

Scenario 4: No Video Nor Phone icons

The video and phone icons do not appear if the app user is a co-worker but has no RingCentral user extension.

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